Pilates Classes at Pivotal Fitness Improve Flexibility & Strength

Designed for Everyone

The Pilates method is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility and strength without building bulk. It dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs, while building strength, improving flexibility, and creating a toned body. We offer a variety of Pilates exercise options, including the Allegro Reformer, EXO Chair , Pilates with Props and Pilates Mat classes. For the best experience, we recommend a combination of Mat Pilates & Personal Training on the Reformer and/or EXO Chair.

  • Pilates Benefits Develop greater strength
  • Challenge core muscles
  • Enhance agility
  • Improve balance

Plus, Pilates gets you in tune with your body by emphasizing proper breathing and correct spinal and pelvic alignment and it can help prevent injuries and alleviates ailments.

Group Mat Pilates Classes – FREE to all Pivotal Fitness members

A great way to maintain what you learn in individual sessions, but with the motivation and extra push from a group. Check the group fitness schedule for days and time for all mat classes.

Pilates With Props

A one hour class that uses small apparatuses including fitness circles, stability and medicine balls, foam rollers, dumbbells and much more in combination with mat Pilates exercises.

Pilates With Props Rates
  • 1 session $12
  • 5 sessions $55
  • 10 sessions $100

Allegro Reformer

Maximize your time as you get a full body workout on the Pilates Allegro Reformer. Use spring resistance to create the long, lean muscle definition, working every muscle group. Challenge the deep core muscles to improve your balance, gain strength, and enhance agility. > Rates

EXO Chair

The new EXO Chair delivers a full-body workout to enhance stability, balance and body control. It is a great tool for conditioning and building upper and lower body strength in all types of athletes. > Rates

Pilates By Design

You will be guided through the basics of Pilates on the mat and Allegro Reformer in an individual class designed specifically for you. > Rates

Mat Pilates Personal Training

To give you more Pilates options with instruction, we offer mat personal training. > Rates

Pilates Training for the Young Athlete

Young athletes can reach the next level in their fitness with Pilates. We offer mat-based Pilates classes and machine-based classes. Used by top athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB and the Olympics to increase strength, flexibility and prevent injury.