Group Fitness Has Been Phenomenal

Participation in our classes this past couples of months have been phenomenal.

Thank you so much for all of the guests that you have been bringing in. The more bodies moving, the more energy there is. Thank you also, for your cooperation in checking in at the front desk before your class starts. This is vital to helping us grow our program and make sure that we are providing you with proper times and amounts of classes. If you have any questions on this please see your class instructor after class, or one of our front desk attendants who will be more than happy to assist with questions.

We Are SUPER excited for our Newest Program Next Month which is BODYCOMBAT™.
BODYCOMBAT™ is the empowering cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. This fiercely energetic program is inspired by mixed martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai.

Click HERE for more information on BODYCOMBAT™